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The Elephants

Longtime readers of TIG know that I have very, very soft spot in my musical heart for Tacoma band the Elephants. The band's debut (and so far, only) record was one of my favorite releases of 2005 {review}, and it's still in high iPod rotation for me, years later, whenever I need a hit of cheery sloppy indie-pop.

I am elated to announce the Elephants have posted a new track to their MySpace page. The jam is called "Meet Your Match" and has all the elements I love in the Elephants: cool electronic bits, dark droll vocals, just enough quirk, with a dash of dark-wave retro stylings frothed in for good measure.

In short, it's a great song, and as of this typing, so far only 70 people have heard it.

Go to their Myspace page, scroll to the bottom of their song list, and count yourselves lucky to be among the first to hear it