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Well. Though I didn't know I was going until this afternoon, I ended up at Silversun Pickups tonight, part of that WFNX band-o-rama I blogged about a while back. It's good to have the right friends: Someone I know who works at the Landsdowne Street arsenal of interrun clubs happened to call me today about other business, and happened to be at work, and happened to mention that he was there working the FNX event; I happened to say I love SSPU; he offered me a spot on el listo. Blammo!

I got there just in time for their midnight set (passing all the paying suckers who were stuck in line, mua ha ha) after a full day of other obligations, and it was wellllllll worth it (sadly, I had to bypass Bon Savants who were just starting a set a few doors down, but I get to see them all the time). Whoever said on here that Brian Aubert seemed dickheady must have caught him on a really bad night, because this was my fourth time seeing them and I know not a friendlier frontman. After Brian and Nikki encored as a duo on the song from Pikul that Nikki sings lead on (can't think of the name, too tired to look), the two of them high-fived a sea of hands that extended from the front rows. Brian (who mentioned that his cat, Cauliflower, was put to sleep today; be sure to send your condolences) retreated off to backstageland while Nikki stuck around until every darn hand got slapped.

Aren't they just the sweetest things?