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For this week's NME update, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs take #1, but there are three new songs for us to enjoy:

Dizzee Rascal: Old Skool
Why, oh why, has this not been released in the states? This is the most accessible Dizzee ever, but still great. It not only references Eric B and Rakim/Salt N' Pepa, but it also keeps some of the techno style of Dizzee. Wow, maybe I need to break down and get the album on iTunes.

Cribs: Moving Pictures 
Kind ofboring mainstream for the Cribs, not that they're a well of new genius anyway. I kind of like the distorted bass thing. They seem to be filling the Weezer/Ash shaped hole in my life, which actually may or may not need filling, but this song isn't anywhere near my favorite from the Cribs – its way too produced and clean.

Biffy Clyro: Folding Stars
Why was I convinced this band was a woman? More importantly, why does anyone like this band? (Tomorrow is a promise to no one – ?) Talk about a poor man's Foo Fighters (and talk about a creepy singer).