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Friday and Saturday nights we brought the imaginary rock, in a very real way, with a double whammy of shows to celebrate our 5th birthday: Friday night at the Crocodile, and Saturday night at Vera.

Both nights also celebrated the new BOAT CD, and those guys were incredible, charming the crowd with pleasers from their new record, Let's Drag Our Feet, as well as some BOAT classics. We also heard a happy earful from the Shaky Hands, Dolour, the Western States Motel, Eux Autres, and Patience Please. The entire weekend of merriment was, in a word, AMAZING. I'm still recovering.

BOAT! Photo by Chona Kasinger.

How about all of you? Who made it to our shows, and do you have any stories to share? What other great shows did we miss this weekend while we were off being birthday girls? Let us know what rocked your worlds this sunny, sunny weekend…