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Ah, it was a nice extra hour this weekend, wasn't it? Now that I've used that hour up, I might as well use my time to relay to you the newest of the NME hits from this week. Well, they're not all new, for example

1. Kings of Leon "Charmer:
So, this song has been on the charts for a few weeks. I was going to post the video, but couldn't find the darn thing, instead just getting hits that consisted of people showing still pictures set to the song. Anyway, somehow the Kings of Leon have made it to the top spot, leaving me baffled yet again why the British public loves bands like the Kings or Biffy Clyro so darn much.

5. Hadouken "Leap of Faith"
I didn't want to say it, but this sounds just like Linkin Park if it recorded the EMF Unexplained EP.

8. Interpol "No I in Threesome"
For being an "artsy" video, it is remarkably boring. Where's the creepy dancing puppet when we need him?