Imaginary Scoop The Postal Service

No new Postal Service record… ever?

Thanks for the big bad rainy Monday morning bummer, Aversion. According to them, the Postal Service may never record that follow-up record to 2003's Give Up that I, for one, have held as a constant musical anticipation in the back of my brain all these years.

Here's what Aversion had to say about it:

That long wait you sat through waiting for a new Postal Service album might stretch on until, well, forever.

The electronica/indie-pop duo isn't rushing forward to make a follow-up to 2003's Give Up (Sub Pop). In fact, the whole notion of another Postal Service album "isn't a priority" for either singer Ben Gibbard or programmer Jimmy Tamborello, according to Spinner…. Although the act started working on a new album way back in the summer of '06, Gibbard admits it may never come together.

Really? Never, Ben??? Say it ain't so.

As an aside, I was amused to read Aversion's review of Give Up, which states:

That doesn’t compensate for the fact that Tamborello couldn’t program a VCR, let alone a song. Watery and vacant, The Postal Service’s success, Gibbard’s longing humanity, comes despite the cold, impersonal programming on this album.

I wonder, in hindsight, how Aversion feels about that one?