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Thanks for the big bad rainy Monday morning bummer, Aversion. According to them, the Postal Service may never record that follow-up record to 2003's Give Up that I, for one, have held as a constant musical anticipation in the back of my brain all these years.

Here's what Aversion had to say about it:

That long wait you sat through waiting for a new Postal Service album might stretch on until, well, forever.

The electronica/indie-pop duo isn't rushing forward to make a follow-up to 2003's Give Up (Sub Pop). In fact, the whole notion of another Postal Service album "isn't a priority" for either singer Ben Gibbard or programmer Jimmy Tamborello, according to Spinner…. Although the act started working on a new album way back in the summer of '06, Gibbard admits it may never come together.

Really? Never, Ben??? Say it ain't so.

As an aside, I was amused to read Aversion's review of Give Up, which states:

That doesn’t compensate for the fact that Tamborello couldn’t program a VCR, let alone a song. Watery and vacant, The Postal Service’s success, Gibbard’s longing humanity, comes despite the cold, impersonal programming on this album.

I wonder, in hindsight, how Aversion feels about that one?