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Northern State -- Better AlreadyAs alluded to at their SXSW Showcase, Northern State are finishing up their third full length album (with Adrock!) and, keeping it old school, have readied a 12" record titled Better Already for us to enjoy while we wait for them to finish their next proper release.

They've picked two songs from the full length stockpile that typify the "other kinds of songs" or their "new direction" and pressed it onto some beautiful black VINYL complete with colorful jacket. The A-side contains two tracks off their upcoming album and the B-side contains exclusive remixes. This will be limited vinyl, though the remixes will be available digitally and the 12" officially releases on May 1, 2007.

If you want to here a couple of the songs NOW, they've posted two of them (Better Already, and Away Away) on their MySpace page. Given this taste of their new songs in their recorded form, I've got high hopes for their new release!

And for those trivia hounds, the full length we're waiting for is tentatively titled, Mother May I?