Three Imaginary Girls

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The Pipettes are HOT. Photo by Kaley has posted an article about the five hottest indie women, and I'm sure you're shocked to hear that Three Imaginary Girls don't get a mention. (I kid! I kid!)

Their picks are decent, but their top choice — while very hot — doesn't really count, does she, as a super model supporting band member? And is Annie really indie? I'm not sure she counts either.

I can think of tons more hotter indie girls than the ones they picked: Rachel Flotard. PJ Harvey. Kathy Foster. Neko Case. Andrea Zollo. Emily Haines. All three Pipettes. And tons more.

So the question we pose to our imaginary readers this fine Tuesday: Who do you think are the hottest indie women?

{Hat tip to Large Hearted Boy on this one.}