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We here at Three Imaginary Girls heart grassroots organizations. We, ourselves, have our roots in grass. Wait a minute, that didn't sound right…

What we're trying to say here is, we support creative endeavors borne out of the desire to make the world a better place. So when local political organization No Vote Left Behind asked us to attend their kickoff party — which featured performances by local musicians The Divorce, Jon Auer, and The Minus Five {AND an open bar!} — it was pretty much a no-brainer for us.

To express it mathematically:

Indie Rock + Absolut Mandrin – need for cash + get rid of Dubya + Three Happy Imaginary Girls == YAY No Vote Left Behind!!!

No Vote Left Behind is the brainchild of Crocodile Cafe employee Natasha George. As legend {and their website} have it, instead of wallowing in her political despair over the thought of a second Bush administration, Natasha decided to do something about it. Her solution? Why not plan a rock show, and send the proceeds to the Democratic National Committee?

A rock and roll to save the day? We love it!

The idea has blossomed into a multi-day festival that will take place September 23rd – 26th, and has enlisted the help of many folks involved in the Seattle music scene and beyond. Musician Mark Arm (Mudhoney), publicist Barbara Mitchell, attorney Jake London, professor Jacquelyn Miller, accountant Denise Maupin, streaming media guru Steve Mack, web implementer Jason Dennie, and designer Christi Willard are all part of the NVLB team.

Plus, they just might be getting a little help from their imaginary friends, 'cause we think they rock.

Speaking of rocking, they had the Divorce open the night. I swear those Divorce boys get hotter every time I see them… and it's been awhile since we've seen them out, so they were smoldering!!!

I still have the Divorce's 2003 release There Will Be Blood Tonight as a fixture in my disc changer. Tonight's show featured all new songs, and I am now counting down to the release of their next album… even though it isn't even recorded yet.

Since the release of their first album, they've added a lead guitarist to the line up. He is amazing {!} and, in no small part to his membership in the band, the new songs are more intricate and evolved while remaining smart and catchy. They were already top notch, but now {dare I say} they are topper notchier!

That AND new haircuts on the Divorce! Be still my heart.

The event drew quite the Seattle indie-rock elite to the Crocodile. And can I just ask… am I the only person who can't get over seeing Peter Buck just hanging out in the crowd? I want to be cool about it, but I just can't.

You and me both.

But, I think we ARE cool about it.. well, in that we stand really still and lock our heads in the opposite direction from where he's standing when he's in the room so there's no way we can make direct eye contact with him. And no matter what statement I am in the middle of exclaiming, I start spouting, "Um… um… yea… so… that, you know."

I think this is an odd universal hipster instinct kicking in that prevents all of us from running over and asking him how he's doing and what his favorite local sushi restaurant is.

The fact that we, and the rest of respectable hipster Seattle, are able to control ourselves and NOT bombard the coolest person in town with our trivial inquiries is somewhat astounding.

But, actually, I don't know if it really works to his advantage. Like the pretty girl who doesn't get asked out on a date because every guy thinks she'll reject him, I think Pete Buck might be slightly bored at all these public events because we're all too intimidated to acknowledge his presence.

I would like to be his friend. I swear I would NEVER say, "Hey Pete! I believe in Coyotes AND time is an abstract!"


Yea, me neither! I have plenty of conversation topics that do not include statements like "You are so amazing!!! Tell me about that time REM performed under the name 'Bingo Hand Job' at the Borderline in London! And what was it like to perform "Picture Book" with Ray Davies?"

OK girls, enough with the REM super-fanning!

If you want to learn more about No Vote Left Behind or donate money to them, please check out their website.

Attention bands!!!!
Hate Bush? Want to help him get voted out by playing at the No Vote Left Behind music festival in September? You should:

  • Email Three Imaginary Girls and let us know or
  • Email No Vote Left Behind directly at or
  • Phone No Vote Left Behind at (206)322-7849.

Tell 'em your imaginary friends sent you.