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Did anyone see Obama on David Letterman last night? If only his political commercials were as funny and self-effacing and simulaneously ZING! as he was during the interview. In fact, that's exactly what the next ad should be, an ad to make everyone STFU already about this ludicrious lipstick-on-pig scandal.

First, he should roll the tape where he said to Letterman:

“Keep in mind that technically, had I meant it this way, she would be the lipstick,” Obama added, referring to GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. “The policies of John McCain would be the pig.”

And then he should add this clip of John McCain saying the exact same expression:

Done and done! And Team Obama, if you're somehow reading this, feel free to steal my idea. You're always welcome.

Thanks to Slog for the pullquote.