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In news that will make you do a guitar kick and shotgun a PBR, the awe-inspiring Gil Mantera's Party Dream is releasing a new album, which, more importantly, means a tour! The single, Ballerina, is available on MySpace or

Not to get all hyperbolic, but if you have not witnessed the majesty that is the Party Dream, you have yet to be complete as a human being.

Dig, if you will, this image: a beardy Jim Morrison-y lookin cat who calls himself Ultimate Donny, who speaks almost exclusively in non-sequiters and stories about Spiderman and Papa Smurf fistfights, joined by his tall blond brother in Terminator shades, a vocoder, and the both of them shirtless and beergutted in Spandex that would make Brett Michaels, Kip Winger, and Vincent Neil weak with envy.

Seriously, check these guys out. Take a look at the website and bask in the awesome. Then, go see them. They need the love.