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Our imaginary CD reviews have always gone to 11 — with a 0 equating to irredeemably awful, and an 11 being a perfect record.

We've never given a zero or an eleven. But today we did give our lowest score to date: a ONE for the latest offering from Finger Eleven, Them vs. You vs. Me. From the review:

"Here’s the short of it: pretentious, angst-ridden, MTV2 Mallpunk garbage recommended if you like, well, anything that’s been mass marketed as “rock” or “emo” or “alternative” by a major label in the last five years."

The review is a bit biting, but apt. It also calls the question: What record deserves a dead zero? Which albums are a perfect 11, if any? Can one rank a record as a perfect 11 as soon as it's released, or is that ranking that needs time to steep and brew, so that a perfect score could only be given in hindsight?

I'm definitely interested to hear all your thoughts on this one…