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Jarvis Cocker photo from MyspaceTIG has always been perched between a love of local Northwest music and one for most-things Euro-rock (with a UK and Scandanavian bias). From the beginning, for every John Roderick, there was a Pelle Almqvist.

Tonight's show-going dilemna exemplifies this duality: on the one hand, we have the 16th anniversary show at the Crocodile, featuring Pseudosix and Viva Voce. But on the other, ex-Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker will be at the Showbox! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) While we heartily recommend the Crocodile show as well, we're picking Jarvis as today's official imaginary recommended show, as how often do you have a chance to see this legendary frontman in your hometown? It's our first time in our nearly five years of imaginary existence.

And don't think seeing Jarvis is a rehashed nostalgia. His debut solo release, Jarvis, is an extraordinary recording, chock full of his darkly observant lyrics, catchy melodies and samples ("Crimson and Clover," anyone?), and of course, Jarvis' disintinctly earnest and slightly dissonant voice.

We're gonna try to hit up both shows. Is anyone else venturing out for a Monday adventure, here in Seattle or elsewhere?