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Chelsea Wirtz- Seattle Night

{A 112 Printworks exclusive: Chelsea Wirtz – Seattle Night… and yes, it glows in the dark!}

2012 is the year of spectacular birthday celebrations (if we do say so ourselves)!

This Friday (May 4, 2012), 112 Printworks is hosting a FREE party (complete with bands and booze and cake and posters) to celebrate one whole year of designing, making and selling amazing things to hang on our walls and to wear.

Besides being a one-stop shop for great screenprinted/letterpressed/art posters and snazzy t-shirts, they've curated monthly events featuring performances by some of our favorite artists (seapony, BOAT, and on and on) to kick off monthly poster art shows featuring exclusive art prints by the area's best designers over the last 12 months.

And this Friday's event will be all of that and more! They have a full on birthday party planned from 6pm-10pm, complete with something…

For the ears:
DJs all night and Spencer Moody's new band, Mongrel Blood, starts at 8pm!

For the eyes:!  The evening will be a retrospective of all the original pieces and artist exclusives they've printed and featured over the past year.  To get a taste of what you'll see on the walls, check out

For the tummies:
Cake, ice cream and beer!
(not necessarily recommended to be consumed all at once, but it is a par-tay!)

And did I mention the event is FREE!?!? Happy birthday to 112 Printworks!