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You loved the karaoke party. You loved it so much…

…that we're throwing another rockstar karaoke party, but we can't do it without our beloved imaginary friends. Not convinced? Our theme will certainly change your mind: We're having a buttrock rockstar karaoke party. So, dust off your imaginary air guitar and start growing out your mullet, because you only have a couple of weeks for preparation!

So far, the following buttrockers at heart have agreed to don ripped, tight denim and eyeliner…

  • Dear John Letters!
  • The Divorce!
  • Dorkweed!
  • Ms. Led!
  • Minus the Bear!
  • Yeek Yak Airforce!
  • Kuma!
  • The Silver Surfer!
  • The Catch!
  • Water Kill the Sun!
  • Ripley!
  • The Lawnmowers!
  • United State of Electronica!
  • Stadmiller!
  • French 75!
  • King of Hawaii!
  • American School of Warsaw!

…and many, many more… {we'll update the list, so check back often!}

Did we mention that it's a contest? And YOU can join in the festivities!! Compete against fellow rockstars and scensters alike for gnarly prizes from local merchants (think free drinks, free shows, free t-shirts, and free Harlequinn romance novels!). Our fabulous judges include Nabil Ayers (Sonic Boom Records), Matt Nichols (KEXP), and Megan Seling (The Stranger) and TIG's own imaginary boy embracey!

You choose the song. You choose the outfit {the more AquaNet used, the better}. You work the judges. You go home with awesome gifts and a newfound respect for Winger. It all goes down on Saturday, August 30 {that's right, we've graduated to weekends} at Chop Suey.

Plus, the show is a benefit for Unsung: the indie-rock karaoke movie! Unsung is a local independent comedy currently in pre-production in Seattle.

The idea for the movie was conceived when a few friends at the back of a karaoke bar wondered who the hell made those whack videos playing behind the singers. Instead of doing the research and finding out the sad truth, the group decided to make it up. Thus, a film about a fast-talking scam artist out to make the greatest karaoke video ever was conceived.

Three Imaginary Girls and Unsung will be hosting a raffle, where anyone can win CDs, t-shirts, show tickets, and more! "Saturday Nite, High and Dry!"