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Coffee Specs:
I am a purist. Melbourne has a proud coffee tradition. When you ask for coffee you get espresso. Here you get drip coffee. On our last tour of the states I actually brought my own espresso machine. The folks at Customs were like “What the hell is this?” This time I left it at home. My favorite coffee place at home is the Tin Pot Cafe.

What are you listening to on the road?
Right now we are listening to a David Sedaris book on tape. It is great because sometimes when you are on the road for such long stretches, just listening to music can get tiring.

It also depends upon whether we are touring just the three of us or with another band. When it is the three of us, I am the stereo nazi. My music tastes are notoriously narrow. I’ve tried to consciously broaden my horizons but I end up listening to all the stuff that you’d expect me to on the road… the Byrds, the Velvet Underground, girl groups.

But I’ve learned to share the tune choosing responsibilities… which has resulted in me having to listen to Missy Elliot.

Necessary Karaoke Survey: How do you feel about karaoke?
Karaoke is my worst nightmare! It is everything I hate about being in a band. I don’t like the “look at me” aspect of it all. It is someone doing an awful rendition of most likely someone’s awful song.

We recorded the last album in a studio in a small town with one pub… that was pretty scary. One night near the end of recording we went down there and it happened to be karaoke night… and there was a prize of a couple bottles of wine. You know, it was filled with folks who this is their life. Tali got up there and did an Elvis song and the whole bar stopped and people flocked to the stage. The rest of us just sat back amazed. They wouldn’t let us leave and he ended up doing 4 songs!

I did karaoke once when we were in Japan… in one of those places where you get your own private rooms and you just do karaoke in front of your own group of friends. I sang “London Calling.”

I don’t think that there could be a more perfect pairing than the Lucksmiths playing a show with Tullycraft. Have you played with them before?
The first time we played Seattle was a show with them. It was a show at what I think was a house that they all lived in and were getting ready to move out of. It was like the last hurrah there. It was great. And I remember they had some boxes of clothes that they were getting rid of and so we went though that… I still have a pair of socks from that.