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Photo: Mark McNulty

Peter Hook & The Light will be at The Neptune Theatre in Seattle on Thursday, May 10, 2018 {more info & tickets}.

The legendary Joy Division and New Order bassist, Peter Hook, is currently touring the United States with his solo group, the Light, and they are making a stop in Seattle next week where the band will perform the Substance compilation albums by both Joy Division and New Order in their entirety. There is no opening band for the evening; rather there will be two sets, one with each group’s Substance compilation played from start to finish. The concert promises to be quite an epic event for fans of both bands.

After 2005’s Waiting for the Siren’s Call and years of a strained and generally dysfunctional working relationship with singer and guitarist, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook departed from New Order. In 2010, he began performing live with his new band, the Light. Consisting of his son, Jack Bates, on bass and Andy Poole on keyboards and Paul Kehoe on drums (both of whom are from one of Hook’s other bands, Monaco), Peter Hook and the Light have been playing complete Joy Division and New Order albums on their various tours over the years. They have toured performing Unknown Pleasures (1979) and Closer (1980), by Joy Division as well as Movement (1981), Power, Corruption and Lies (1983), Low-Life (1985) and Brotherhood (1986) by New Order.

Peter Hook’s truly iconic bass playing will also be accompanied by himself on vocals in addition to the other band members mentioned above. The Substance albums are essentially singles collections and feature many of the better-known songs by both groups. For the uninitiated, from “Transmission” to “Love will Tear us Apart” to “Blue Monday” to Bizarre Love Triangle,” the show will provide a connect the dots overview from the early days of Joy Division to material from late 1980s New Order records. Rabid longtime fans and new converts should both be thoroughly delighted by the concert. Get your tickets now if you have not done so already.


Photo: Mark McNulty