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clem snide

Tonight is the Clem Snide show at the Tractor. If Imaginary Victoria didn’t convince you of the Eef Barzelay magic yesterday, perhaps this stunning photo taken by Laura Musselman at last year’s Tractor show will?

If Clem Snide isn’t your thing right now, here’s the full range of options on the imaginary calendar for tonight:

  • Cartel Invasion/Flatline/Certified Cartel/Feezable The Germ, Rendezvous
  • Clem Snide/The Heligoats/Cady Wire, Tractor !
  • Hypocrisy/Scar Symmetry/Hate/Blackguard/Swashbuckle/Irony, El Corazon*
  • Portal/Aldebaran/Mitochondrion/Scorched Earth/In Memorium, Funhouse
  • Evelyn Evelyn {Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley}, Showbox !
  • Big Spider’s Back/Boomsnake/Thousands, Sunset
  • Whalebones/Hard Drugs/Low Hums, Comet !
  • Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Triple Door*
  • The Jesus Rehab/Julia Massey & The FFD/Audioart, Nectar
  • Soulive/Staxx Brothers, Neumo’s
  • Guns For Radios/Astrovan/Hot Sue, High Dive