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Fantabulous music blog The Tripwire has the just released the track listings for PJ Harvey's forthcoming eighth solo release, White Chalk. The equally amazing Jesse at Easy Street records emailed to let me know. Thanks, Jesse (and Tripwire!) for the Polly Jean tip.

Here's le list…

White Chalk
01. "The Devil"
02. "Dear Darkness"
03. "Grow Grow Grow"
04. "When Under Ether"
05. "White Chalk"
06. "Broken Harp"
07. "Silence"
08. "To Talk To You"
09. "The Piano"
10. "Before Departure"
11. "The Mountain"

I heart PJ Harvey tons, and I'm truly excited to know a new record is heading our way… but here's a question: Do you superfans get excited when a band pre-releases track names or even an album name? I have a hard time knowing exactly what to do with the info (beyond knowing that a new record really is on the way, which is always reassuring). Beyond that, I don't feel like I can speculate much from just new titles.

What say all of you>