Three Imaginary Girls

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James Hall and his band take you on a dark and funky, rocked and rolling, deep and sometimes dangerous journey through seductive and sexy rhythms and beats. The Pleasure Club rocks like a New Orleans nightmare against a big city dream, taking the sounds from the previous album, Here Comes The Trick and spiking them even deeper into your veins.

Each song fills you with life and make you want to scream down the skies. Then, suddenly, there is a shift that takes you down into the darkest shadows of gutter touched streets and make you ache. Slick without being shiny, Marc Hunter's guitar play cuts tight lines around the vocals, sometimes crystal clear and sometimes echoing with lazy feedback. The steady roll of G. Curry's bass lines against Michael Jerome's heartbeat drums keeps the soaring melodics grounded and driving. These songs make you sigh, make you dance, make you scream, make you shake your hips and sway. These songs bite you like the perfect vampire and you're left thirsting for more.