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Sleepy Vikings Photo by Kelley Jackson Lucy Pearl Photography 2011…that's a lot of "S"s up there. In the title. But anyway! 

Sometimes I feel like I need an imaginary intern to go through all the rad stuff that ends up in my inbox, because there's so much of it that between regular job madness and life radness, it's hard to find time to listen or view it all. Yeah, yeah, I know: #firstworldmusicbloggerproblems. (I'm not really complaining, because I wouldn't trade this gig for anything, people). 

And so I came across this band, Sleepy Vikings, who describe themselves as "Southern Shoegaze", and I am definitely digging it. They have an album out called They Will Find You Here on New Granada, and you can find a new single here called, "Horse Song." It's kind of dreamy and wonderful, and it makes me think of long summer days on blankets in grass-filled fields – soft, billowly white flower stuffs blowing in the breeze. Yeah, I'm a sap. But I like it. I really really like it. 

Maybe you will too?

Photo by: Kelley Jackson; Lucy Pearl Photography 2011