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20 percent off discount on t-shirt quilts!Not only is our newest advertiser, Queen B Quilts, rad for helping support the site, but she's offered to pass on a super discount to you!

Between now and the end of April, TIG readers get 20% off anything in the Queen B etsy store.  All you have to do is use the code 3IMAGINARYGIRLS when checking out.

The Queen B etsy store features a variety of things like a DIY t-shirt quilt kit, magic jar cozies, or you can order your own custom t-shirt quilt!

Personally, I've been "working on" my own concert t-shirt quilt for about 12 years now and just can't get past the cut up the t-shirts into squares step.  This could be just what I need to get them from the plastic storage bin to my couch! I can't wait to cuddle with my REM Green Tour shirt (which is a bit thin at this point), my first Bright Eyes t-shirt and that Lucksmiths shirt that never fit quite right all over again!  Hmm.. I wonder how many TMBG shirts I can have in one quilt without it being overkill?

What t-shirts do you have sitting around for quilting?

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