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First off, a note that this will hopefully be my last Winehouse update for awhile. Even I, as her imaginary BFF, am getting tired of reading/writing so much about her woes.

But today's Daily Mail UK has a really long, sad story (with lots of photos to boot) detailing her latest debacle, which was either a late night row with her husband, or a self-abuse cutting episode gone wrong, or a lapse back into heavy drug use after her short rehab stint… or some or all of the above.

All I know is, Amy is not looking good, and neither is Blake, her husband (yes, they let me call them by their first names these days). Here's one photo from the article:

The article also chronicals her text message conversation with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, where she defends Blake as having "saved her life." I'm a little hurt Amy didn't feel like she could come to me with her problems. But I'll get over it.

The most stunning photos, however, is the one that shows contrast, the final photo. It shows Amy back in 2003, freshly famous after the release of her debut UK release, Frank.

Poor, poor Amy. I mean that without a trace of irony. Because sheesh, she's so so so very talented… but so completely derailed.