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Titus Adronicus -- thanks MySpace!Guess who my new friend is?

Kip from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart!

After two days of stellar recommendations (the other day he sent me to the Ex-Lovers), I'm ready to name him my new awesome recommendation buddy. Today's recommendation from him is Titus Andronicus from Glen Rock, NY.

They have a 7" (the song is called "Titus Andronicus") and rumor has it that they have a full-length coming out on Troubleman this fall/winter.

He said that they reminded him of the Exploding Hearts or The Thermals (he has no idea of my Thermals adoration – that's like a magic password to grab my attention)…. but that they don't necessarily sound like them — that the comparison becomes apparent after seeing them live.

They don't have anything on their calendar even near the Pacific Northwest, so our East Coast friends are going to have to track them down and fill us in on their live show kismit. (Go East Coasters, GO!)

Go have a listen and let us know what you think… and any recommendations you might have.

I think I'll keep my fingers crossed that Kip keeps sending his favs my way. I bet he makes a killer mixtape!