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Here I am, just sitting here at work stressing out about end of year deadlines and I decide to click on a link to watch the brand-new Princess Superstar video, for her sure-to-be-a-holiday-classic song, “XMAS SWAGGER.”  I’ve long enjoyed PS for her kooky, white girl rap that lives up to her moniker since her debut album, Strictly Platinum (specifically “Blue Beretta“). She’s like the Trucks if they were a blonde rapper who lived in NYC and was obsessed with Grand Royal Records.

Anyway… I’m just sitting here, revving my ho ho ho engines with a holiday-themed video and THERE IT IS!!! A PHOTO OF OUR AMAZING INDIE ROCK SANTA IN A PRINCESS SUPERSTAR VIDEO!!!

See it for yourself:  The above photo {taken by the lovely and talented Laura Musselman} is in the below video at the 14 second mark.

It’s quick and all, and I’m sure the Princess Superstar machine is such a lo-fi operation that they didn’t know who or how to get proper rights to use it {sorry John and Laura}; but in case there’s anyone out there who’s wondering, we can give you the hook-up to the folks who made this amazing photo happen!  Email us, or just meet them at tomorrow night’s Imaginary Holiday Party!