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photo by Kyle Johnson

Tonight is the opening of a new art show hanging at Vermillion with local singer/songwriter PWRFL Power performing for the opening event. The art show and performance tonight are free, so being broke is not an excuse to stay in!

Vermillion is an unpretentious space on Capitol Hill, with art in the front and a comfortable, hip, and inexpensive wine/beer bar in the back. It's a great pre-func or meet up spot any time you're on the hill. (Are you heading to Murder City Devils later? You have time to stop in.)

Peeps are passionate about PWRFL Power: it's love or hate and no middle ground. If you haven't heard him before, tonight's a chance to form an opinion.

Mike Mess reviewed PWRFL Power in April 2008 here on TIG and had this to say:

[Kaz of PWRFL Power] performed in that awkward ‘aww shucks’ fashion which may occasionally come off as pretentious or play-acting; however, his humor and storytelling made up for it and more. His talent as an instrumentalist was undeniable, as was his ability for crafting sharp, witty songs that involve the listener on a personal level.

Imaginary Kiku was less taken with his performance at the Capitol Hill Block Party last summer:

With his folksy, Simon and Garfunkle-esque vibe, PWRFL Power was like an acoustic palette cleanser. However, it may be that the one man band was not best suited to the festival setting.You could hear that he was a talented guitarist, drawing his style from classic blues and folk rock, but he often slipped into monotony.

If you aren't into the music, your trek to the hill is not a waste. There's lots of art to check out in the neighborhood: it's the monthly Capitol Hill Art Walk tonight. A list of participating businesses are on the

Capitol Hill Art Walk MySpace page.

1508 11th Ave
Capitol Hill, between Pike and Pine

An Unfinished Edge, opening Thursday, February 12, 2009
Live Music by PWRFL POWER And Guest DJs
6pm – Late, Free