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Bake It In A Cake Pary in Seattle!

There is no better way to spend 12/11/10 than with the first ever Bake It In A Cake party!
This Saturday, the cupcake-eating public is invited to join Megan Seling {Bake It In A Cake mastermind, KNDD Locals Only DJ, and Stranger columnist} as she shares as many Bake It In A Cake cupcakes as she can make at Porchlight Coffee (1515 14th Ave. in Capitol Hill) from 6pm-11pm.

I’ve been a big fan of Bake It In A Cake since the first Cadbury Creme Eggs baked inside vanilla cupcakes post. How can someone not fall for one (if not all) of the incredibly delectable Bake It In A Cake creations? Megan has whipped up magic in a cupcake using baklava, fortune cookies and even Halloween oreos (not all at the same time, of course). Following her many baking adventures is a highlight of my twitterverse, and the opportunity of  being able to sample some of them in real life is a buttercream dream come true!

The event is free (as are the cupcakes!) and all-ages (with coffee, tea, and beer available for purchase).  I’m not sure what surprises Megan will whip up (or bake in), but perhaps some of these favorites will be present?:

Hope to see you there, with cake all over your face.