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{photo of an imaginary DJ hand by Andy Pixel}

This Monday, August 22nd, please join us in the Croc’s back bar as the imaginaries take over the DJ booth and ply you with our favorite songs, drink specials and cheap eats from 5pm to 9pm!

It’s all part of the Crocodile’s weekly happy hour booze and schmooze series, The Office (aptly named since most of the important work in this town gets done at a bar).  For the Three Imaginary Girls happy hour, each of the four TIG DJs has a distinct style and vision for their set.  We’ve planned them out with care for maximum Monday post-work bliss.  

Chris Estey, our amazing and prolific imaginary king of all media, kicks off the night at 5pm with a diverse batch of tunes ranging from a couple new 7"s from K Records to Betty Davis to Jackie Mittoo to Lou Reed to the newest next amazing thing. We can count on Chris to teach us all the important underground stuff (both new and established) we need to know about.

Next up is our power pop and film-obsessed editor, Amie Simon who will fill our ears with the catchiest of retro pop remixes, bouncy power-pop tunes, and some songs near and dear to our new wave hearts. The whole place will be seat dancing (if not already crowding the open spaces) by the time Amie whips out the Blondie and Fountains of Wayne.

Photography, Live Show, and all around vixen editor, Victoria VanBruinisse, will start her set at 7pm and will provide an amazing sampler of sparkling new local releases and some curveballs to keep us on our toes.  There might even be some sad bastard tunes, perfect for proclaiming your love to all your friends by. And she’ll be sure to follow it up with something danceable so we can all hug it out in the aisles.

I’m going to round out the night with an hour-long set of all vinyl that I am over the moon excited about sharing with you.  I’ve unearthed some b-side cover songs (Husker Du doing the Mary Tyler Moore theme song?), some recent local favorites, a couple British indie-pop staples, and a song that might rhyme with “Rightsabre Bocksucking Clues.” It’s been a few years since I’ve spun the college radio turntables like a whiz regardless of sleep or prep time.  Let’s see if I still have it!

Of course, we’re still firming up our playlists – so if you are planning to join us and have any requests, shout ‘em out in the comments section and we’ll do our best to fit them in!

For more info and to spread the word to all your friends, check out the Facebook event page for the Office and share / like / RSVP!