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I’ll be honest: I had never heard of 14 Iced Bears until I fell in love with the Tullycraft song “Twee” and it’s lyric “she grabbed her slumberland guitar case and her 14 iced bears ring” and I realized that “The Balloon Song” on The Aislers Set’s The Last Match is actually a 14 Iced Bears cover.

Over the course of their first seven years {1985-1992}, the British indie pop band racked up some notable lines on their CV (John Peel sessions and multiple releases on Sarah Records).  They earned their place in the C86 scene with fuzzy melodies with slices of punk and darkness, mixing the Black Tambourine, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Big Star together in a pop-art blender.  Later, in 2001, they made a brief return with the Slumberland Records release of a compilation  of previously released material and live recordings.

With this history and after ten reclusive years, it makes their visit to Seattle’s Vera Project TONIGHT {June 2, 2011} fairly spectacular.

Also notable, we finally get to celebrate Seapony’s album release! It will be sweet to hear all the lo-fi-twee-indie-pop songs live in concert.