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Lush by Gabriel Green

I’m old. By any statistical measure I am past middle age and am impatiently awaiting AARP mailers.

There are some benefits to my advanced age, the main one of which is having a number of great life experiences to look back on, and by “great life experiences” I, of course, mean “bunch of bands and shows I have seen.”

There is one band that readily numbers amongst my all-time favorites whom I missed seeing live in their initial run, a band that has (finally) jumped on the ‘reunited’ bandwagon, but not just to re-hash past glories… They bring with them shiny new material, material which, to my ears, stands comfortably with their finest work. And they are soon (April 20th!!!) to make their way to my town so I can finally check out the live show.

“They” are Lush, and I recently had a chance to ask them a few questions about their past, present and future, the results of which will soon be posted on this site. In the meantime, you should go get your tickets to the aforementioned imminent April 20th show at the Showbox before everyone else realizes how amazing they are and the show completely sells out! Added bonus, Seattle’s very own, Young Evils are opening up.

Top photo: Lush by Gabriel Green