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Ravenna Woods photo by Abby Williamson

Ravenna Woods photo by Abby Williamson

It’s a new year, and a new you, so why not kick it off by supporting your local music scene? Ominous pop rockers Ravenna Woods are teaming up with Seattle Kokon Taiko for a special show this Friday (January 13, 2017) that’s definitely not to be missed. I missed it once already, when the taiko drummers joined the band at Timber! Outdoor Music Festival last Summer. Not gonna screw it up this time because it sounds like it was amazing!

After trading in shakers and brushes for keyboards and guitar pedals on recent EP Alleyways & Animals, Ravenna Woods has taken on a vastly more expansive sound. While percussion was always a major player for the former three piece, it used to fit into all the tiny crevices of their more minimal, acoustic leaning sound.

These days, the drums are at the forefront, begging for attention while subtly blending intricate rhythms into each song’s texture. I can’t wait to hear how it all translates with an enormous taiko sound behind them.


Before you feel taiko drum beats coursing through every inch of your body, you’ll also get to hear two more killer rock bands. How can you go wrong?

Smokey Brights 2016 album Hot Candy has one of the greatest covers I’ve seen in ages! Check out their brand new video for “In Demand” – a slighty sinister 70’s rock n roll jam that got shot into space, swirled around Alpha Centauri and bounced off a satellite back into your rabbit eared magnavox. The Smokeys always pull out all the stops and they’ll definitely bring out an equally energetic set.

Get there early and check out quirky openers Scarves! I dig their mummy vs vampire vibes.