Angel Olsen Live Show Review Moore Theater Vagabon

Angel Olsen + Vagabon Lit Up the Moore Last Night

Show Date: 12.11.19

Vagabon opened up the show with tracks off her new Self Titled record, and holy WOW do I need to delve into it. Her track “Water Me Down” sounded even better live than I thought it could and I can’t wait to sit down with this LP. It just got on NPR’s “Best Music of 2019” list and is definitely worth your time. 

The minute the first beats of “New Love Cassette” throbbed into the room, the entire audience was entranced. Angel Olsen’s voice pinged about with a crystal clarity, cooing and ramping up as the song went on, fueled underneath by slow burning live strings. As she set into “All Mirrors,” and the full band truly kicked in, I already knew this would be one of my favorite sets of 2019. Bass and beats filled the theatre in an ’80s tinged dreamy dance sequence cascading with the shiny pearls of Angel’s voice. All Mirrors may be loaded with layers of strings, but this LP can get loud AF live. 

“How are you up there?” Angel hollered to the balcony, “Do I look like a little bean down here? Pinto! GarBAHNzo!” She giggled and joked at the audience. “Santa’s in the front row, so where are my gifts?” There really was a Santa down there! She was an absolute delight. As Angel finished up one of her songs, she started chatting about her love of Seattle. She quipped “Even if this place were to fall into the ocean, it’s the only other place I’d live.” Eliciting cheers from the audience she went on, “I’d love to fall into the ocean with you guys!” Then she doctored the chorus to Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply,” and sang about falling into the ocean with us. 

As she set into “Lark,” complimented by spooky strings and pounding drums, her vocals morphed from gentle lilts to fist clutching cries of strength that echoed all the way out into the lobby. The way she writes about love and how to move on after it is exceptionally honest and she really goes through it again when when she plays her songs live. I have to wonder sometimes, “Who hurt you Angel?!?!” Many in the audience would be prepared to fight on your behalf. We share in your love of living in rainy places and know what it’s like to love too hard!

“I got the dang guitar out last night and just FUCKING RIPPED!” She exclaimed and rolled into older tracks “Shut Up Kiss Me,” and “Sister.” The audience squealed afterward with cries of happiness like they were watching a basketball game. People just couldn’t stop themselves from yelling they loved her, or that they’d like her to play a cover of Jingle Bells. At one point she busted into Collective Soul’s “Shine,” actually ripping the guitar riff that leads to the chorus, Duh nuh nuh na nuh na na nah nuh na nuh NUH….. “YEAH” the audience grunted out in chorus like a pack of old drunk sailors. I giggled myself to death a little and came back as a ghost for the rest of the show. 

Thank you for letting your light shine down on us Angel. We can always use a little more light around these parts.  

Photos by Brady Harvey

Angel Olsen Imaginary Scoop Moore Theater Vagabond

Recommended Show: Angel Olsen at the Moore {12/11}

Angel Olsen is coming back to Seattle in less than a week!  Her newest record All Mirrors, gives me super dystopian chills. Like being lost in a futuristic Blade Runner-esk wasteland where you travel in a nearly silent hovercar and sand is blowing EVERYWHERE. You’re out there in the middle of nowhere alone but Angel is there to guide you and hold you close, echoing through the radio with the sage advice of a lost love. What? Yes. Hearing these tracks performed live with strings is going to MAKE ME MELT.



Angel Olsen plays The Moore with Vagabon Wednesday, December 11th. The show is currently ALL SOLD OUT, so if you find a way to get there DO IT. Angel has once again made my top 10 records list for the year and she is going to sound colossal!  More info at

Imaginary Scoop Ladytron Neptune Theatre Youryoungbody

Recommended Show: Ladytron at the Neptune {12/12}

You guys. YOU GUYS. Ladytron is coming back to Seattle in a little over a week! If you’re like me and you sometimes sleep on an amazing band everyone else knows about, now is your chance to catch them live! FINALLY! It’s been 8 years since their last record and visit to Seattle for Decibel Festival (RIP!) and I can’t wait to FEEL THESE BEATS IN MY BODY. Ever since I accidentally came across them in a playlist on Youtube years ago I got obsessed and listened to little else for AGES. Their cinematic & slightly goth electro pop is just what you need to get through the doldrums of Winter in Seattle. 


They’ve put out another great album this year, and it’ll be captivating to see all the beats played out with a full band and live drums. Check out their latest single “Deadzone” below from the new Self-Titled. They’ll have a video for another track, “Tower of Glass” soon. 

Hopefully I can keep my body still enough to take some photos. Dance with me Thursday, December 12th at the Neptune!  The show is all ages and tickets are still available at Show up early and catch local duo Youryoungbody and their spooky dance jams!

Altin Gün Live Show Review Moon Age The Crocodile

YO. HI. If You Weren’t At Altin Gün, You Messed Up BIG TIME Kid.

Show Date: 10.14.19

Gig Harbor band Moon Age started out the night with bigtime Broadcast and french pop vibes. Their tinkling keys and smoky atmospheric reverb gave off a hazy effect you suddenly found yourself slowly swaying to. It was the perfect gateway to the rest of the night.

OK SO, I have to admit that from the minute I heard the first few tracks by Altin Gün on KEXP I lost my mind a bit over their guitar tones and immediately fell in love even though I had no idea what they were saying. Their 2019 record Gece, is a fav of mine this year. It’s entirely in Turkish, and is absolutely the perfect soundtrack for walking, partying, being lazy, drawing, roadtripping, dancing, or a movie chase scene of any kind. So a real all around record if you will. In the words of a buddy, “that record totally slaps!” I had a feeling they would not disappoint live. Guess what? THEY DEF DIDN’T.

The keyboards dripped with warm ‘70s disco infused lazer blasts that careened off the walls and fuzzed out guitar riffs filled out all the spaces in between. They even totally ripped on a Saz (long necked lute!) I imagined the band on a space odyssey, flying around the universe on a giant sparkling star and shooting good party vibes in every direction. Every track seemed to get the audience more and more amped up!

Singer Merve Dasdemir started giggling in between songs and asking if the audience was singing phonetically. There certainly seemed to be a large local Turkish faction in the crowd holding it down. Their classic folk songs have been reimagined by the band, and they were ecstatically singing along to every word. It’d been a long time since I’d seen a Seattle crowd so invested with every single song. Turkish people love to dance! None of this cross your arms and nod along to look cool Seattle shit. They were definitely down to party and so was I. This was one of the greatest sets I have seen this year. You have to catch them the next time they return to town!

All Photos by Brady Harvey

Altin Gün Imaginary Scoop Neumos

Recommended Show: Altin Gün at Neumos {10/14}

Earlier this year I caught a few funky fuzzed out songs on KEXP, immediately checking the playlist and wondering what IS THIS?!? It was turkish psych rock out of the Netherlands of course! Listening to Altin Gün sounds like you’re getting away with something. Maybe in a ’70s film full of car chases and intrigue. The tones on every instrument are mouthwateringly good and it makes you feel like you might be high even when you’re not. It makes me want to drive out into the desert in a Cadillac and get into hijinks Thelma and Louise style. For lovers of early Tame Impala, spaghetti westerns, and funk, you HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT.

From the sound of their in-studios, this set will be fantastic and I am ready to dance away this gray!! Altin Gün plays Neumos Monday, October 14th. The show is 21+ and tickets are still available at

Photo from Facebook

Actors Capitol Hill Block Party Live Show Review Razor Clam STRFKR TERMINATor Whitney Mongé Yves Tumor

Block Party Day 3: Gandalfs & Goths

Show Date: July 21, 2019

I took a leisurely pace at my last day at block party. Much like I have with posting about it in a timely fashion. Good things come to those who wait y’all. 

Vancouver based Actors walked up onto the Vera stage dressed head to toe in black and looking SERIOUS AF. I absolutely love it when bands who’d be perfect for a vamped out dance party have to play in the bright sunlight of day at festivals. It’s like an out of body experience. Lead singer Jason Corbett yelled out, “Does anybody know who we are?” He was answered by a “WOOO!” from the back. “Oh really? Just wondered cause there’s an absence of black t-shirts in the audience. We’re just a buncha goths out in the Summer.”  They truly were. Those late ’80s Cure guitar tones sounded so good I was salivating. What kind of pedals you using bro?!? You’ll definitely wanna hear their album It Will Come To You, before they’re back for their next gig. 


STRFKR, what to say about this set? Their chill pop was just TOO CHILL. It seemed as though nothing was happening at all, even though about 12 people had joined the band onstage in costumes ranging the gamut from t-rex, to astronaut, to a porg from Star Wars. I may not have been that interested in STRFKRS set, but I did definitely yell “ I AM REALLY INTO GANDALFS RIGHT NOW,” from the pit. Also, that dress was gorgeous.


Speaking of guitar tones, can we talk about the incredible textures and wandering melodies in TERMINATor’s post-punk sound? With so many loops and delays, their live sound may not always match up perfectly, but that’s the joy of it. They bring an unsettling feeling, even within beautifully lilting, tremeloed flute solos. In a festival surrounded by pristinely performed pop and prerecorded dance tracks, it was lovely to catch something a little darker, and avant-garde. I just found out about their new Visual EP and I am INTO ITTTT.


Whitney Mongé played to a small crowd inside of the Wild Rose, a quiet enclave nestled into the mass of drunken chaos outside. Her rich voice and fingerpicked guitar filled the room as if there were several performers instead of just one. Her soulful notes had a 90s vibe to them as well, and reminded me of the great Tracy Chapman. She held the audience in her hands, hanging off of every word.

Whitney Mongé

From start to finish, Yves Tumor’s set was absolute perfection. How can you go wrong when you start it by handing out cupcakes to the audience festooned with your own face? He traipsed in bedazzled boots all over the stage and into the audience rarely stopping, always grooving to his experimental chill beats. Much like his music he was a merging of dualities. At times, crooning softly to the crowd with a scarf over his face, mysterious and nameless, while also spending a good portion of the set jumping into the faces of folks as the music swelled with boisterous beats. He rolled across the floor, climbed on the scaffolding and intimately sang to local photographer Alex Crick, not once but THREE TIMES. They might be dating now IDK.  Of course Capitol Hill’s resident rose seller had gotten into the crowd and several soon flew up to the stage. They rained down in front Yves Tumor like he was one of the Three Tenors, looking posh AF in big sunglasses and wrapped in his flowing white scarf. He deserved them. He’s a super star. 5 stars. WILL SEE AGAIN ANY TIME. 

Yves Tumor

As lead singer Aya Mara of Razor Clam rode through the Cha Cha crowd to the stage on the shoulders of burly men sporting two golden horns and a third golden horn strap on, it was clear we’d be in for a show. As the band writhed around the stage to songs about the perils of relationships and doing it up the butt, the heat inside the venue scorched into a frenzy and the crowd was LOVING IT. The band has a distinctly Missing Persons dream pop vibe going on and were an absolute blast to watch live.


That’s it for me y’all. I am ALL PARTIED OUT. We’ll see ya next year!!

All photos by Brady Harvey


Babie Capitol Hill Block Party Ex Licks Live Show Review Lizzo Saba The Spider Ferns Tres Leches

Block Party Day 2: All Your Friends Were Wasted

I started my second day off right with the gentle, soothing sounds of Babie inside Pettiroso. Babie is a solo project from Michael Lee of The Young Evils, where he’s traded his distortion pedals in for a looping psychedelic pop sound. He performed alone, playing along to pre-recorded drum tracks, filling the room with electronic beats and layered guitar hooks. I was loving it but found myself missing the feel of drums in a room. I was also missing my favorite tofu breakfast scramble, and standing in a brunch spot for a show was weirding me out. I can’t wait to hear more from this project, and there’s talk that a backing band is on the way!


Chicago based rapper Saba opened his set 15 minutes late with a DJ, who then played for 15 minutes. When he eventually graced the stage the teens in the crowd were sufficiently hyped and jumped with elation to his dreamy chill hop beats. Though his lyrics are permeated with anxiety and hopelessness, Saba was nothing but smiles, warming up to the crowd’s love with every song.


Tres Leches opened their set with the shoegazey “No Llores,” which reminds me of Ride with a dash of Blur’s bass lines. Their sound is hard to pin down and it jaunted from psych to post-punk to rock and even a jaunty cover of Leadbelly’s “Ha-Ha This A Way,” that had the drunk bros dancing jovially all the way in the back. All three band members were a blast to watch and passersby stopped and camped out throughout the set. My only wish was that they’d have set the drums closer to the front of the stage, since they switch vocal duties and trade instruments so often. They’re truly a fluid unit, constantly feeding off each other’s energy.

Tres Leches

In an ingenious move for album release shows, Ex Licks recently dropped their new self titled record with a night of their own songs played by other Seattle artists. Do yourself and check out “Old Baby,” a party sing along jam lamenting the fact that maybe you’ll never actually grow up. I feel this hard. Especially in Seattle where our artists have to be scrappy AF at adulting, somehow finding a way to keep living out their dreams AND pay the rent. Their loud crunchy punk felt perfect in the small venue, and it was the closest you could get to a houseparty atmosphere within a festival.

Ex Licks

After circling around the bro drain dance party in the street outside Neumos, the darkened basement of Barboza was a welcoming respite. As the music started up a dancer was silhouetted against a sheer sheet with the band playing just behind them. Vibrant projections bounced off the walls and onto the sheet until it came down in one smooth swoop. The band was revealed as “Stronger Still” reached out and grabbed the audience immediately. The Spider Ferns have a presence that feels both otherworldly and simultaneously comforting. You feel held and safe, and the onlookers certainly did as they began to sway back and forth to the waves of textured beats. Their newest track, “Who Stands Alone” has a vaguely 80’s neon Stranger Things vibe behind it and I’m VERY into hearing what the future holds for their sound. 

The Spider Ferns

It was still almost an hour ’til Lizzo’s set, but I knew it’d take me awhile to get through the crowd so I popped out the side of Neumos into ACTUAL HELL. Literal wall to wall drunken babies ambling in no direction in particular, and really there was nowhere to go. It took about 15 minutes to squeeze through half a block full to the brim of humanity, and I lost a bit of my soul and 5 chunks out of my favorite band tank top starring The Police in the process. Once I was on the other side, I blankly stared up into the sky waiting for my brain to reset and spotted a giant Eagle waving its hands around to Snakehips’ “All My Friends Are Wasted.” THEY WERE.

The smoke machine made a few small spurts and then sprung into action as Lizzo’s name appeared in lights on her DJ’s table. The crowd squealed in giddy anticipation. She appeared from out of a smoke cloud, a sweet hearted diva sent from the heavens. As she burst into “Cuz I Love You,” she really was crying a little here or there, obviously overwhelmed by the extreme size of the audience before her. The wall to wall crowd filled two city blocks of street, supposedly about 14k people. The minute she got her dancers behind her though, she was back on her feet, putting on A SHOW THE LIKES BLOCK PARTY HAS NEVER SEEN. She was hilarious too, “How’re your feet feeling? Please do not fart until the end of the performance.” She introduced “Jerome” with “This is a song about a scrub. Ya wanna hear it? Hear it go.” Throughout the set she was nothing but supportive, reminding the audience to love themselves and the body they’re in. She gave shouts out to the LGBTQIA community, reminding them to stay true to who they are and that they’re worth it. If Lizzo was a bra, she would be a PERFECT FIT. She was a queen. She was a god damn delight. The positivity out in the street was contagious and even though they were packed like sardines, the whole place was grinning ear to ear. Before she left for the night, she busted out that jaw dropping flute solo too. So obviously, Seattle is TOTALLY IN LOVE with Lizzo and you’ve got another  to see her very shortly at this year’s Bumbershoot.

Actionesse Bearaxe Capitol Hill Block Party Illuminati Hotties jpegmafia Little Wins Live Show Review Mirrorgloss Mitski Red Ribbon

Block Party Day 1: Cop Beats & Ikea Table Dancing

As I gathered my bearings and mentally prepared for the chaos that seeps into every section of the pike/pine corridor during Block Party, I was greeted by colorful balloon sculptures, and the hilariously charming stage banter of Jpegmafia. During each song he was everywhere all at once, jumping into the crowd, hugging randos, darting all over the stage, and then…he’d need a second. In between songs he’d take deep breaths into the mic, bent over and apologizing for not practicing his set while he looked up what was next on his phone because he forgot his laptop. “This next beat….” (insert two giant ragged gulps for air)…”was made by a cop,” he rasped. Guess they get a few things right sometimes. He leapt out into the sea of teens with arms outstretched Jesus style and the crowd engulfed him with glee.

Block Party’s sunny, triumphant return


Mirrorgloss is a Tacoma based sultry dance pop duo with hints of all the best parts of 90’s dancehall hits. The tinkling keys in their beats were balanced out by warm waves of bass and the interplay between the gorgeously gripping voices of Najah Monique Todd and Del Brown. These besties were just getting the party started inside Neumos when I had to move along, but they’d already enticed the crowd into screaming for more by the fourth song. I HIGHLY suggest you check out the recent remix of “I Feel Freeby none other than Erik Blood.


Sashaying my way back into the bright sunshine, I headed over to Illuminati Hotties set at the Vera stage. I was immediately reminded that yes I did indeed forget my earplugs again cause WOW that Fender Twin was loud AF. The soft sunshine perfectly suited their playful punk and the audience started to bop about. As they dipped into “Paying Off the Happiness,” the crowd sang along to the chorus “WHOAAAA I’m paying it all off,” trying to casually break free of the Seattle Freeze with as much of an aire of cool they could muster.

Illuminati Hotties
New! Low Stimulus Area – (taken with permission.)

I got over to the Cha Cha and thanks to some schedule changes, stumbled upon the set of Actionesse. Yea HI this is the basement show the Cha Cha has ALWAYS deserved. Their frenzied horn-pacalypse doom punk ricocheted off the walls leaving me open mouthed breathing in astonishment. The only thought I could bring into my head was, “How the hell are people just standing around to this?” THERE WAS BARI-SAX BOOTY SHAKING PEOPLE!! I still don’t know how the bar is even intact right now. 


Red Ribbon’s sound continues to evolve every time I see them as lead singer Emma Danner comes into her own. Her voice is the kind that can stop strangers in their tracks and had certainly held a large crowd entranced inside Neumos. With flute filled textures and a warm underbelly of sunset drenched guitar tones, they were a welcoming bridge into the next act on my list.

Red Ribbon

Mitski’s somewhat puzzling setup had a white table & chair smack dab in the middle of the stage. She appeared from the outskirts, s l o w l y  dancer walking to the chair over the course of a single song. I have never thought the mere act of sitting on Ikea furniture could physically make a crowd LOSE THEIR MINDS but it did. As she slithered up to the table, and lay back on top of it with her toes pointing overhead, the kids began SCREAMING, and I bet you money at least one person fainted. In other words, it was a LOVELY POP SHOW. 


I had no idea what Little Wins would sound like, but since it’s a new side project from Andrew Vait of SISTERS, I knew it had to be good. His shiny soft pop reminded me of the yacht rocky era of good ol’ Petey Gabes, with just a tinge of autotune. It’s growing vastness was cheerfully upbeat and the audience gobbled it up, slowly grooving along with smiles on their faces. Scarlet Parke joined him for a bit on “You’re Not Coming Over,” a fun dance fueled hit that left the crowd cheering. 

Little Wins

You guys. YOU GUYS. Bearaxe was one of the most RIPPING LIVE SHOWS I have seen in A LONG TIME. and I have seen some shit. Lead singer Shaina Shepard was a relentless belting beacon of rock, stalking every inch of the stage and projecting her demons up into the rafters.  In fact, every member of the band carved out an imposing lick fueled brute force on their instruments, adding up to be one hell of a rock show. If they don’t become one of the biggest bands in Seattle then something is wrong with this world. Best set I caught all day.


All photos and words by Brady Harvey

Actors Bearaxe Breaks and Swells Imaginary Scoop Lizzo Red Ribbon The Spider Ferns Tres Leches Yves Tumor

HOT PICKS for Capitol Hill Block Party 2019

OH hey it’s been awhile TIGers! We’re right in the thick of festival season and I’ll be your guide for all things CHBP. It’s finally Summer again, I think? So here’s my annual reminder to STAY HYDRATED KIDS, and don’t forget to sunscreen up while you’re out there broiling on Pike street. Without further ado, here are TIG’s Official Block Party recommendations you do not want to miss. 



Red Ribbon | 7:00pm | Neumos

YEA HI, I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you’ve been sleeping on local band Red Ribbon, it’s time to WISE UP DUMMY. Red Ribbon’s dark, spooky pop will reel you in with richly haunting guitar tones and downright gorgeous dissonant harmonies. Plus there’s even a flute in there. YA CAN’T GO WRONG. 


Mitski | 7:30pm | Main

Mitski’s 2018 album Be The Cowboy, hit a ton of Album of the Year Lists including Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound. Her summery pop will have you swaying along to disco flavored dance beats.


Bearaxe | 9:30pm | Neumos

I’ve been hearing whispers for ages about singer Shaina Shepard giving it her all in every single live show local act Bearaxe performs. Her spunky vocal stylings are beyond compare, bringing a full bodied glint to the soulful garage-rock put forth by her bandmates. If this live video is any indication, I have been missing out for too long!




Tres Leches | 6:30pm | Neumos

Tres Leches is the kind of band who will continually surprise you through the course of one set. They’re poppy, they’re post punky, and they’ve got the raw grit that’s been missing from your weekend. Grab a drink and get ready to dance right into your neighbor, cause this set will leave you sweaty and smiling. 


The Spider Ferns | 8:45pm | Barboza

If Kate Bush turned full goth and wandered in for a performance at the Roadhouse, you’d get a taste of what The Spider Ferns are like live. Get your butt down to the cold basement of Barboza and shake all your feelings out until they escape into the shadows. 


Lizzo | 10:30pm | Main

Are you ready to celebrate self-love with dance moves to die for, sass up the ass, and maybe a flute solo so astounding that it will LIGHT SHIT ON FIRE? If Lizzo isn’t your number one reason for going to block party, then I don’t even know you anymore.



Actors | 5:00pm | Vera

For fans of NY dance rock from the early aughts, I highly recommend ACTORS from Vancouver, BC. Their Interpol-esk sound pairs nicely with driving new-wave synths, and makes for an energetic live set.


Yves Tumor | 7:30pm | Vera

Yves Tumor’s recent record Safe in the Hands of Love, is experimental electronic music at it’s finest. Lilting from scratching textural chaos, to R&B and pop there’s no doubt that this set will be something to see. 


Breaks and Swells | 10:15pm | Neumos

Do you need some saxophone in your life? OF COURSE YOU DO. Head over to catch Breaks and Swells break it down for you with some funky soul grooves your body won’t even be able to handle. 


Tickets are still available now over at See you out there in the streets!

Anemone Live Show Review Neptune Theatre Pond

Pond + Anemone at the Neptune

Show Date: October 16th, 2018

Better late than never right? Last week, Seattle was treated to one of the best shows I’ve seen this entire year! Come with me now, into the past, out of this fog weather and back into LAST TUESDAY.

Montreal 5 piece Anemone woke up the crowd with their dreamy disco-infused pop, and mentioned it was their first ever show in America. Singer Chloe Soldevila was all smiles and profusely thanked the crowd between songs, clearly elated to see the audience swaying along as it trickled in. During their last track, she began on the keyboard, and later moved out to dance in front of the drumset and hype up the crowd as the rest of the band continued to jam out. Soon a whole batch of folks had joined in, cheering her along as she moved to the opposite end of the stage to bring the keyboard line back and finish up the song. They’d clearly won over their first Seattle audience.  Since I’m so late to the game in writing this, they unfortunately had ALL of their gear stolen in Portland a few days later, including their merch. They’ve started a GoFundme page where you can find info on the stolen gear and how you can help.

POND kicked off their set with the explosive “30,000 Megatons,” filling the room with layers of psychedelic sonic waves that seemed like they’d expand all the way into the street outside. As they followed up with the glitteringly epic sounds of “Sweep Me Off My Feet,” it was clear we were in for an exceptional show. And also clear that POND was wearing the exact same clothes they did at Sasquatch earlier this year. It was as if they’d never left. YEA HI I’D BE FINE WITH THAT.

As frontmen go, there are few as entertaining to watch as Nick Allbrook. As he sang, his leg intermittently kicked out to emphasize certain beats and he often craned his body at odd angles and even backwards for maximum effect. Dude must do A LOT of yoga. He jumped into the dancing masses at one point, where we lost him for a minute in the dark before he reappeared, wiggling on a railing and cooing to the over 21ers at the bar. To top that, after he’d returned to the stage he totally ripped up several flute solos?!?

Seattle got the live debut of new song, “Tasmania,” which gave off a dancier, almost disco beat, full of catchy ear worms. Along with the newly released single “Sixteen Days,” you can bet we’ll be in for an awesome new album from POND very soon. They put on a hell of a dance fueled show and they’re a band I’ll now be itching to catch live any chance I get!

Photos by Brady Harvey