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How is it the end of May already? IDK but it’s time to get your gams to The Gorge cause it’s time to do a hell of a lot of walking baby, while you bliss out on some of the greatest tunes around! Sasquatch is hands down, totally bitchin’ this year, and I am ready to simultaneously soak up some rays and check out some of my favorite artists which I have conveniently listed below for your reading pleasure.



POND | 7:30pm | Yeti

Aussie psych rockers POND, create poppy, reverb soaked sonic landscapes that’ll fit in perfectly with this “OMG SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE” weather. Speaking of, their recent release, The Weather, is an epic of catchy chilled out pop that’d make any Tame Impala lover squeal with delight. Especially since Kevin Parker himself produced it. This set will be an arctic blast you guys!

David Byrne | 8:15pm | Sasquatch

Rumor has it former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne has been touring with an 11 piece band, squeezing in older hits next to his newest tracks from 2018’s American Utopia. The show comes off as more of a performance art piece, with inventive looking instruments and a plethora of rhythmic drumming. Expect to be DAZZLED.

Thundercat | 9:30pm | Bigfoot

Thundercat is on the LOOSE, and by that I mean, completely tearing down the walls of what you THINK music is. Just throw that shit out the window. His past may feature bass collaborations with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino, but in the present he’s created his own magnificent fusion of jazz, yacht rock and R&B. If you’ve ever played an instrument of any kind, prepare to mouth breathe through this entire set. Don’t believe me? Just check out “UH UH.”



Curtis Harding | 2:45pm | Bigfoot

On his 2017 sophomore LP, Face Your Fears, Curtis Harding created a truly timeless world of 70s throwback soul that landed on many end of the year’s top ten lists. His crooning falsetto and earnest lyrics would make Curtis Mayfield proud. I have a feeling he’ll be MIND BLOWING live. I might just fall in love. YIKES!

Lizzo | 3:30pm | Sasquatch

Lizzos body positive, empowering hip-hop will assuredly compel you to dance in the afternoon sun. This woman puts on a SHOW that does not stop!  She was one of my absolute favs from Block Party a few years back, and will be a highlight of the weekend. I cannot wait!!

Girlpool | 4:00pm | Bigfoot

Take some of your favorite indie rock riffs from the early oughts, chuck some dissonant Kimya Dawson-esk vocals on top and you’ve got Girlpool! I’m pretty new to this band but I have to say that the harmonies on their track “123,” are some of the greatest I’ve heard in YEARS. Plus they know how to get the job done quick, capturing your attention with solid off kilter songs that all clock in at about the 2 minute mark. IMPRESSIVE!




Japanese Breakfast | 6:00pm | Yeti

Michelle Zaune’s heavenly vocals perfectly complement urgently textured guitar work in her solo indie pop project,  Japanese Breakfast. She tours with a full band, and their live set is completely engrossing. It’s positively the perfect set to see as the sun begins to set. You’ll feel warmed by their sunny, reverb-ed out guitars long after the sun has left you. 

Slowdive | 9:30pm | Bigfoot

I caught Slowdive a while back at the Neptune, and it ended up being one of the best shows I saw ALL YEAR. Their 2017 self titled record, and first in twenty years, catapulted to the top of many a shoegaze lovers list, proving they’ve still got it after all this time. This is my most anticipated set of the festival. Maybe, don’t try to even talk to me during it ok?

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals | 12pm | Bigfoot

Yes, hello, Anderson .Paak is a life giving EXPERIENCE! You don’t want to miss this final Sasquatch set. We caught him a couple years back at Bumbershoot and were awestruck by his dance moves and “BEST VEST” attitude. Seriously, he has serious vest game. He will take over the entire stage, and probably your heart. Check out his newest video for Bubblin’, starring a sentient cash machine below.


Single day and 3-day passes are still available at Please, PLEASE wear your sunscreen and remember to hydrate cause the Weather Channel thinks it’s gonna be NINETY DAMN DEGREES. Three Imaginary Girls will be sending Imaginary Morgen to cover the fest this year, so keep a look out for her coverage coming next week!

Header photo by Brady Harvey