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The Lure

For the first 15 minutes of The Lure {Corki Dancingu}, I felt like I was watching a David Lynch movie on Acid. This New Wave musical nightmare romance is about two young mermaid sisters who find themselves in an ’80s style nightclub. When the creeptastic owner suggests they star in a new musical striptease {striptail?} act, they decide to stick around and have some fun before “swimming to America.”

The two sisters — now packaged as a duo called The Lure — quickly become the club-goers’ faves, and it’s all fun and games until one of them falls for a hot, shaggy-haired band member. Jealously ensues, weird sex stuff happens, and eventually, those mermaids get HUNGRY for human flesh. 

The Lure is a gorgeous mash-up of dance musical {complete with shopping montage!}, tragic romance, siren/mermaid fairy tales, and fantastical, bloody horror. So OBVIOUSLY I LOVED IT. 

Also, where is this club? I want to to go to there.

{The Lure screens tonight, Friday, May 27, 9:30pm, and tomorrow Saturday, May 28, 4pm at SIFF Cinema Egyptian, and one more time Sunday, May 29, 9:15pm at Shoreline Community College. Cinematographer Kuba Kijowski scheduled to attend all screenings!}