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Friendly Fires are cleaning up in the New Order-y, bass-driven alt rock… and that's just what we need here in Seattle on this lovely Tuesday to kick our pants into Wednesday. Their song "On Board" has been Feist-ed by the Wii Fit commercial which is completely fair since folks love the Wii as much as they love yoga, lattes and pizza. We're only human after all.

Friendly Fires and their friendly selves will be at Neumo's tonight with White Lies and The Soft Pack (who may or may not be big in Europe).  

And if you were looking for something else (the Headlights show at Nectar will be really good show as well)…check out one of these fine events as listed on TIG's show calendar:

  • Jeremy Jay/Cosmetics/Wallpaper, Sunset Tavern
  • Headlights/The Love Language, Nectar !
  • Parkway Drive/Stick To Your Guns/MyChildren MyBride/Open Fire, Chop Suey
  • White Lies, Sonic Boom in-store {6pm, Ballard}*
  • JJ Cale, Triple Door*
  • Cold/The Killer & The Star/The Drama Club/Rishloo, El Corazon*
  • Hot Handed God Of Cops/Nancy Frieko/Gaetana, Comet {free}
  • Neon State, High Dive
  • Lamb Of God/God Forbid/As I Lay Dying/Children Of Bodom, Paramount Theatre*
  • Friendly Fires/White Lies/The Soft Pack, Neumo's