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In case you didn't familiarize yourself with them after hearing them in the Three Imaginary Girls 11/11/08 podcast, Police Teeth have racked up a slew of experience playing shows around town and now have given us another reason to celebrate them: The band has packed up their high energy sweaty rock and packaged in the form of a new album Real Size Monster Series (hear samples on the Police Teeth MySpace page).

A show to mark this album release is tonight at the Sunset Tavern. Join them and their bill-mates Arbitron to toast the rock rock rock.

There's other things on the imaginary calendar as well… any tickle your fancy?

  • Little Penguins/Altspeak/Blue Horns, Mars Bar
  • Yellow Hat Band/Fremont Philharmonic/Northwest Choro Collective/Titanium Sporkestra, Lo Fi Gallery
  • Duncan Sheik/Lauren Pritchard, Triple Door
  • All Bets On Death/The AltarBoys/Flexx Bronco, King Cobra
  • Emeralds/Kane Hodder/Black Houses/Patrol/Teens In Heat, El Corazon*
  • Oceans Of Algebra/Rigor & Strife/Mittens For Kristel, Jules Maes
  • Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death/Battle Hymns/Transmography, Full Tilt Ice Cream*
  • The Diablotones/Get Down Moses/Rude Tuna, Easy Street {West Seattle}*
  • Rigor & Strife/Mittens For Kristel, Jules Maes
  • Newbooty '09, Nectar
  • Partman Parthorse/Meteorites Attack/One Million Teeth, Funhouse
  • Kinski/AFCGT, Comet
  • Locust/Cruz Control, Moore Theatre*
  • Shotty/Toy Soldiers/Pillow Army, High Dive
  • Richmond Fontaine/Two Cow Garage/Michael Dean Damron, Tractor
  • The Game, Showbox SoDo
  • Sky Cries Mary, Neumo's

(Thanks for the photo Paul Turpin)