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We TIGs just got a MySpace message that made my afternoon: my first favorite indie-pop crush band after moving to Seattle — the Amateur Lovers — will be reuniting for one night only to play the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm not using those exclamation points gratuitously, I'm genuinely *that* excited.

The band will play on Saturday night August 25th at the Sunset and I will be there in the front row, cheering and singing along with every song: "Pleasure's easier to supply than demand, so when you're all alone, do you take matters into your own hands?"

Of note, I first saw the Amateur Lovers back in summer of 1996 as a genuine Northwest newbie, when they opened for, I shit you not, the Bay City Rollers at the old Ballard Firehouse.

Amateur Lovers

Go check out their MySpace page and have a listen: I'd especially recommended "Consolation Prize" and "My Grand Debut."

And one more squeal of excitement……. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!