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The tabloids can become a bit silly with their far reaching attempts to illustrate a celebrity's lifestyle as compared to an average Joe's. I mean, c'mon, are you really that surprised to see Barack Obama riding a bike or shocked to find out the sexy starlet isn't so when the make up and push-up bras come off?

Yet, it can still be a sight even in our "local celebrity" arena to come across the guitarist you watched strut across the stage Friday night at the Comet serving up your deli sandwich or favorite local buzz-worthy hip-hip MC sweeping floors. Even our own local version of a tabloid, Seattle Weekly, has a column just for this topic, aptly titled "Day Job."

Personally (as you might have guessed) I enjoy a strong drink whipped up by These Arms Are Snakes' leadman Steve Snere at the Cha Cha Lounge, but I've also told Jesy Fortino, aka Tiny Vipers, I didn't feel right having her clear up our empties. Around the corner, I was surprised to see two Feral Children, drummer Bill Cotton and Jeff Keenan, frying up the fish at recently opened Pike Street Fish Fry after a Neumo's concert.

Who is your favorite rocker in day-job mode around the Northwest?

Is it a different rocker from the plethora employed at Cha Cha/Bimbos; do you check out the "junk" at Anne Bonny to catch a glimpse of Spencer Moody; ride the bus driven by drummer and Don Slack's "Shake the Shack" assistant Steve Smith; live in the building kept up by janitor and rapper RA Scion; or perhaps one of your favorite TiG writers helps you out when not they're not writing?