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Kithkin Photo by Matthew Gilbertson
{Photo by Matthew Gilbertson}

I've been a huge Kithkin fan ever since they blew me away as the opening band for Los Campesinos a few months back.  I wasn't the only one. Even Los Campesinos mentioned they felt a tad bit inferior following them.  Kithkin songs are full of infectious clashes of sound from every angle (and nearly every type of percussion instrument). "Ampersand," my favorite song on their latest EP, is a jar full of rackous jangle that stops and bangs and claps all at the same time (in a good way). Far from chaotic, there is a mischievous method to their joyous brand of pop madness as each song explodes with charged confetti of happiness

You can listen to their latest EP (their second release and first studio effort) on the Kithkin bandcamp page, where they offer the kind option of "name your own price" to download the album.

And for imaginaries in Vancouver, BC, you can see Kithkin at the Five Sixty on May 31st (the night before our karaoke bash!).  They are also slated to play this year's Capitol Hill Block Party!  Obviously, those Kithkin guys don't tire out easily.  The drive to and from the border will surely provide lots of new wave karaoke practice time. 

We can't wait to see how they kick it new wave style… and if they will be wearing shirts!