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Your Favorite Book have been writing songs that pair candid Weakerthans melodies with early Mountain Goats lo-fi acoustic guitar strums since their first release in 2002 (hooray for all the peeps celebrating their 10th anniversary this year!).  It isn't just YFB's original songs that make me weak in the knees, I still grin from ear to ear remembering the time YFB covered a Bright Eyes song for my birthday at our 2007 holiday show (why isn't there a video of that?!).

If that's how YFB marks my birthday, how is Patrick, lead YFB-er, going to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a new wave song?!? All I can say is that he wanted to actually sing his chosen in a foreign language. Yes, it's going to be *that* kind of party!

As Patrick describes it, "The song I shall perform is a heartfelt plea for sanity in a world gone mad, and a not-so-subtle rebuke of power-hungry leaders who think nothing of using the little people as cannon fodder on their way to global domination. I would like to dedicate it to my fellow Germans, and to anyone else who yearns for true peace."

Besides spending the last few weeks preparing for our 10th Anniversary Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Bash {tix} on Friday, June 1st at Chop Suey, YFB has been readying their new album for release in early summer 2012.  Remember the Narwhal is the seventh YFB full length and the first to feature a full-band.

YFB was even kind enough to donate a sneak peek track from the album for our imaginary zine mix cd, which also features rare and exclusive tracks from The Long Winters, BOAT, Tullycraft, Exohxo, Tennis Pro and a ton more favorite bands.  Sidenote: You can pick up a copies of the 10th anniversary zine at the June 1st bash so get there early before we run out (it's limited edition)!