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There’s a little band making their way up from Portland this Friday, to open up for Southern Culture on the Skids at the Tractor. They’re called Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, and if you haven’t heard them yet — well, look out. You’re in for a treat.


I had the pleasure of catching Sallie Ford in the round with Hey Marseilles at the Fremont Abbey recently, and this girl completely blew my mind. It’s rare these days that a performer will move me to the point of spending my last ten dollars on a poster or EP, and by the second song I was at the merch table grabbing everything I could get my hands on. I’m sure critics have made plenty of lateral comparisons to her post-fifties drawl or her younger, fresher, Amy Winehouse-y-ness, but I hesitate to back that up because really, these performers don’t sound like anyone else but themselves. They’re a refreshing breeze in the land of hangers-on to the next big sound, and well worth your time and money this Friday night.

The Tractor’s site shows the start time as 9:30, so be sure to get there a little early so you don’t miss the set. I promise, it will be the best fifteen dollars you spend all weekend. See you there!