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The heat and the glaring sun has been getting to me, so I ended up missing Calexico to stay longer at camp under the sweet shade.  Boo!

St. Vincent however, was stellar. Her voice just as sweet as on her records, huge white frame sunglasses beaming out to the far reaches of the crowd. Although a more private venue would be ideal to appreciate the slightness of St. Vincent, her voice carried remarkably well and was pleasantly reverberated outwards.

The Wrens debuted two new songs during their set and even though the bass went out early on and the sound was only "meh" they pulled off a rocker.  I've seen this band three times and expect nothing less!

Murder City Devils are as brutal as always. Throwing out mysoginist slurs and touting "when I used to go to shows it was only faggots!", they were doomed to offend some but the crowd seemed remarkably unphased. Perhaps knowledge of their antics is widespread and accepted as just that?

Day two down, sunburn in three places now. I'm shooting for five tomorrow!