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2011 Festival Trailer from SIFFtv Testsite on Vimeo.

It’s that time again! The 37th Seattle International Film Festival is ALMOST HERE! Working on the staff this year has definitely heightened my excitement – but as I mentioned before, has also made it extrememly difficult for me because I’m not allowed to spill the beans about all the awesome stuff that will be playing at the fest. Come Thursday, May 5, all that changes because the official schedule will be announced and I can start (along with our expert SIFF writing team) opening my big trap and talking about all the must-see movies, Face the Music events, Galas, Parties, Tributes, and so.much.more.

Anyway. Take a gander at this excellent trailer (it’s like they made it just for me!) packed with clips from past SIFF movies and get! excited! The official Festival site is coming soon.