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As if you needed an excuse to visit the fabulous McLeod Residence in Belltown, tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 7th) they're sponsoring a Seattle for Obama fundraising party. And look out Bobby May, it involves soul food!

Get there right at go-time (6p) so you can watch the debate too.

Here are all the deets.

Okay, Seattle.

We've set a hefty goal of raising $5,000 for the 'OBAMA FOR AMERICA' campaign. How do we plan to do this? By throwing a party, Americana-style, of course.

Bring your hard-earned cash money (and credit cards) for our silent auction, raffles, Obama merch and special Obama-inspired drinks.

We'll provide food (pulled pork sandwiches, cornbread & BBQ'd chicken to name a few), music and festivities.

Everyone is invited.

Check our silent auction preview at:

If you can't make it, but wish to donate to our fund-raising campaign please visit:

Megan, Kara & Kindra

P.S. Here's a peak at the event entertainment!

DJ Whatever

Lily Armani

Ben de La Creme and Felice Navidad

Oh, and we WILL have the debate on at 6pm.

I'm curious about what exactly an "Obama-inspired drink" would be. Hope on the Rocks?