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I wrote about the Foscil monthly performances at BLVD Gallery back in March but that was so long ago I thought you might need a reminder. Tonight is the second-to-last opportunity to hear Foscil's jammy tunes and look at urban art at the same event. Trust me: Foscil and urban art go together like peanut butter goes with jelly.

Earlier this month Ryan Trudell (of Foscil and Truckasauras) bought himself a Korg MS20 synthesizer off eBay (hat tip Line Out). Hope he's had enough time to play with it and show it off tonight. Lord knows the Truckasauras crew has been busy lately, what with a first CD release and all. (By the way, the Truckasauras CD release party is June 8th at The Nectar.)

This month's art show at BLVD Gallery is focused on collages from several artists employeing various media.  There's some interesting stuff to check out. 

Here's details about tonight's event, straight from BLVD: 

This Friday, May 30, Seattle Nu-Jazz Hop Band Foscil will be performing with Seattle's walking Ambassador of Hip Hop Culture, SpecsOne a/k/a the Green Lover.
Specs has been burning the underground hiphop scene and bombing his art in the Seattle area for over 20 years having released music on the Sun City Girls Abduction Label as well as his own self-financed projects.
This is the 5th installment of the monthly Residential concert series that Foscil has performed at the gallery

BLVD Gallery presents
Foscil w/ Specsone
Friday May 30, 2008
Doors open at 8pm
BLVD Gallery
2316 2nd Ave
in Belltown

Foscil –
SpecsOne –