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I know you’re busy this Friday and Saturday (at the TIG bday shows) but after that… are you free for five or six weeks? Want hang out with a fun group of people as you crisscross the country in a van?   

Pick up thine drumsticks and give Red Pony Clock a call!  

Here’s a message from RPC’s myspace page:

Well, the trip is only 17 days away. But if anyone's interested, we'd still love to have a drummer on our 6 week tour. Those of you who said, "I could ask my friend, but I'm sure they'll find someone." We haven't, so please go ahead and ask your friend.

It's amazing how many people have thought it was okay to string us along forever, going so far as learning a set, only to back out and leave us high and dry. The darkness of the human soul just blows my mind.

We are fun people going on a fun trip around the funnest country in the world!! We will fly someone in, if they're willing to do some work at home beforehand. We don't need you to be the greatest drummer in the world. Just keep the beat and have fun.