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I love it when folks get right to the point. Got a hook? Give it to me right away! No need to noodle around and skirt around the chorus – hop to it!

Finally, a podcast that fulfills my need for instant gratification.

Since the folks at Not Quite Rocket Science began their podcasting a couple months ago, I've been enjoying their comps. Last week's podcast is one of my favorites yet. It is group of their shortie/sweet songs… and they've gathered some of my favorites (and new favorites I hadn't heard before). The thing is, as soon as you hear a song you like, you have to quick and check the set list or else it will be long over.

The track listing is:

Alfred Daniels Midland – Goodbye Luke And Sally
Magnetic Fields – Reno Dakota
Watercolor Paintings – Fun in the Morning
Blanketarms – Honeypie
Basil The Mouse – All The Girls
Nice And Friendly – Uke Song #2
Chugga Chugga – What's Yer Fone Numbr
Nosotrash – Tanga
Bella Vista – Crushed
Kimya Dawson – I Miss You
Life Under A Tree – Peanut Butter And Cheese
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Theme song
His Secret Identity – Shoots laser beams
Bart & Friends – Rumors
Annemarie – Lazy Sunny Day
The Bartlebees – Right or wrong
Julian Nation – All The Capital Cities Names
Sprites – Ambient Industrial Dronescape
Matty Pop Chart – Dancin' Shoes
Ghost Mice – The Pines
The Capstan Shafts – World-hater Company Song
Jacob Borshard – First Girlfriend Part 2
The Motifs – Remind Me
The Pancakes – De Vez En Cuando Me Pregunto Por Que
Nixon – Hey Girl
The Pastels – Over My Shoulder
Harry and the Potters – The Hogwarts Tonsil Hockey Team
Pete Dale And The Beta Males – Meat-Eating Hippies
Megamoog – Music Interlude
Tullycraft – Radio Theme
Hormones In Abundance – Trashtwee
Lunchbox – Lotion
Boyracer – The Moment
Crayon – Honey Bunny
Milky Wimpshake – Noam Chomsky Versus the Ramones
Cars Can Be Blue – Bike Shop
Laura Watling – Crush
Myredpocketbook – The Ignore from the Girl Across the Seat
All Of My Brother's Girlfriends – Breakfast
The Nymphets – I Don't Wanna Live (On Earth Anymore)
Palomar – 50 Second
Papas fritas – Kids don't mind
Pas/Cal – Grown Men Go Go
Paul Baribeau – The Pier
Snowbirds – Afterglow
Strawberry Story – Freight Train

It's 46 songs in 43 minutes.

Did your favorite short songs make the list? Surely the Sick Bees "God Will Stop Your Party" should be on there.

What else?