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Now that we live under a dystopia-administration that doesn’t trust BASIC SCIENCE FACTS, it’s more important than ever for us to remember and celebrate our stunning achievements in this sphere. Written and directed by multi-IFTA-award-winner, Emer Reynolds, this space-centric documentary explores the journey and making of the twin Voyager space probes launched in the autumn of 1977, the first human-made objects to leave our solar system behind for the vastness of interstellar space. A perfect film for those of us that could use a little humbling in the face of the STUNNING ENDLESS-NESS OF OUR UNIVERSE. Can someone sneak this into our Commander-in-Chief’s Netflix rotation?

Director Emer Reynolds and Voyager Mission Engineer Frank Locatell scheduled to attend May 19 and May 20 dates.

Showtimes: May 19 at 4pm, Majestic Bay; May 20 at 5pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown; May 24 at 4pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown. Buy tickets at