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Air Doll
Air Doll is about Nozumi, an inflatable sex doll used as a substitute for lonely Hideo in place of a girlfriend. One day she finds a heart and comes to life, and starting to explore the world around her, quickly realizes she doesn’t actually love her "owner".

Disguising her doll parts and applying for a job in a video store, Nozumi falls for kind clerk Junichi and starts to question whether or not she can fill the emptiness inside and live as a human. But how long can she can conceal her identity AND her double-life?

An interesting commentary on the human condition, this fantastical fairy tale could be labeled a more perverse version of Mannequin, especially given its blunt sex scenes and twisted outcome.

{Air Doll screens at SIFF May 21, 4pm and again May 24, 9:30pm at the Neptune}