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Holycrap, y’all. Argentina apparently has some messed up Urban Legends and I LOVE IT. Five of them come together in, well, Terror 5, a horror anthology that feels fresh and familiar at the same time.

Terror is a cautionary tale of what could—or maybe should—happen to you when you do bad things like the usual {sex & drugs}, but also more nefarious activities like dodging responsibility by way of politics and money. This dark, moody thriller alternates between slow burns and in-your-face gore with a nod to horror greats like Lamberto Bava and Eli Roth. My horror-lovin’ heart really dug it.

{Terror 5 screens at SIFF Sunday, May 28, 9:30pm at SIFF Cinema Egyptian and Thursday, June 1, 9:30pm & Wednesday, June 7, 9:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown}